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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Senate President Stanley Rosenburg Backs Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenburg says he will vote for Question4 this November, which would legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in Massachusetts. This makes him the highest-ranking official in the state to support legal recreational marijuana. A majority of Beacon Hill lawmakers oppose his decision.

For the last year, Rosenburg has declined to voice his stance on Question 4, according to Boston Globe. If Question 4 passes in November, penalties for possessing, using or buying marijuana would be void come December 15, 2016. Retail marijuana shops would be able to open for recreational sales in 2018.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker and Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo are in talks with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh to sway voters to vote no on Question 4.

Rosenberg is all for letting the people do what they want as long as they’re not hurting another person. He’s also pledged to improve the legislation of Question 4. In a radio interview, Rosenberg said the state Legislature is “going to have to go in and work on that bill, once it’s approved by the voters.”

Rosenberg did mention that any changes made to Question 4 upon passing would be simply to improve public health and safety to improve the language that is already in place. He classifies himself as being part “of the school that we have to respect the will of the voters, but the voters are voting in principle, not on every detail of the bill.”

Items to be changed if Question 4 passes:

  • The tax rate on retail marijuana sales
  • Requirements for edibles and other marijuana-infused products such as creams and topicals
  • Marijuana addiction education and treatment
  • Drugged driving law reform

Those supporting Question 4 agree that Rosenberg deserves “enormous credit for taking a courageous stand on replacing the failed system we have today with a regulated structure that will actually control marijuana in Massachusetts and generate much-needed revenue for taxpayers.”

One-hundred nineteen of Rosenberg’s colleagues are on the other side of the fence regarding legal recreational marijuana.

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