Medical Marijuana News Channel

Medical Marijuana News Channel

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not Your Parents’ Dealer: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Today

Brightly lit rooms, enticing menus and a smiling staff greet customers from the entrance of the Green Door.  What initially might seem like a favorite coffee bar is actually a San Francisco dispensary.

The Green Door in San Francisco is one of the oldest medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States, having opened in 2003.

Gone are the days of dark backrooms and transactions made in secret. Bright displays show off available products while daily menus offer unique-sounding flavors such as Bombay Cherry Doughnut and Platinum Cookies. Rather than baristas, the staff is made up of knowledgeable “budtenders” who can offer insight into the numerous products available.

If Proposition 64 passes in November, it’s expected that the number of marijuana dispensaries will increase throughout the Bay Area.

So what really goes on in a dispensary?

From weighing out bulk product to patients enjoying their merchandise, I follow the marijuana buds from start to finish at the dispensary.

Bulk bags of marijuana are received from vendors and weighed by hand as they’re packaged for individual sale.

Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by KQED
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